Merry Christmas!

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Recently, I have been inspired to create European charm bracelet in many themes.  My old followers who started following me from day 1 might be curious if I will continue my recipe blog.  The answer is ‘YES’. I might post blogs about bracelets or other products that I design on my shops because I would like to share them with you.  This is ‘silverlime2013’ whose life is simple but full of twists!  Thank you for following me. Have a good day. ♥

European Charm Bracelets designed by silverlime2013

‘ME’ Collection

IMG_5149Be yourself…

Why try to be someone else when you can be yourself?  Every person is different.  We are all unique.  It’s time to discover yourself.  This design is personalizable on 300+ products @cafepress and @zazzle.  My shop “silverlime2013” has everything you need, including Christmas stockings, ornaments, t-shirts, hoodies, iPhone cases, pillow cases, glassware, baby products — you name it!

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